Arrow, ‘The Demon’: Stories Merge Toward Springing Ollie from Prison

Arrow, Season 7, Episode 5, “The Demon”

The hunt for Diaz hit pause this week, but not without good reason. You don’t mess with Mama Bear Felicity’s visitation without suffering consequences.We get the feeling that the ball on Oliver’s release from prison is now up and rolling.  Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Arrow:

What’s the scoop:  Two stories have the same goal: getting Oliver out of prison. In the lockup, Oliver discovers that Dr. Parker is running some crazy crap on Level 2, and that The Demon is none other than an extra crispy Talia Al’Ghul. Misbehaving prisoners on Level 2 are dragged into a room with blue doors, and either leave with their personalities changed or more likely, on a slab. In between philosophical discussions about the best times to release one’s inner demons, Talia and Ollie hatch a plan to escape . On the outside, Felicity is denied a visit with Oliver, and Ollie’s toady tells her he’s on Level 2 and it’s bad news. That sends Felicity into research mode, and she takes Laurel and Dinah along for the ride.

Meanwhile in B-plot land: Diggle and Curtis are running a sting op for ARGUS. To make the sting work, Curtis has to pose as the buyer, because he has the knowledge and skills to effectively walk and talk the part. Given what he lost during his time as a vigilante and seeing the sacrifice Oliver made, Curtis has cold feet about the whole affair. Curtis still wants to help, but would rather do so behind the scenes. It takes a pep talk/guilt trip to get him to make a second trip into the field. Even though things go sideways, Curtis pulls through. The sting also gives Curtis and Diggle the next clue in their investigation into the shenanigans at ARGUS.

On the island of the future: Nope. Nothing.

Sex and the Olicity: Felicity went to visit Ollie, but it was access denied.

What about the action: Arrow channeled its inner Daredevil with a couple of impressive hallway fights against riot-geared guards. Talia and Ollie roughed up those dudes good. It was also satisfying to see the one-punch knockout of the latest jerkwad guard to make Ollie’s life hell. Oliver had the chance to escape with Talia, but decided against it, because doing so would ruin any opportunity of truly being a free man again. He covers for her escape, and is shocked when he’s led back to Level 1 (thanks to the legal maneuvering by Felicity, Laurel and Dinah).

What’s next: Not-lawyer, not-Laurel tries to spring Ollie on a technicality (just in time to save Anatoly’s bacon from Diaz).

Last impressions:  Still not a fan of the Felicity-Laurel team-up, only because the show is trying its hardest to redeem an irredeemable character. I’m curious to where the ARGUS story goes; my guess is all roads lead to Diaz, but there’s always hope this is an introduction to whatever the post-Diaz story is. The action was dialed up a notch compared to recent episodes, and gave the hour a slightly above average feel, despite the reams of exposition the actors had to wade through this week.

Craig Wack

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