Arrow, ‘Due Process’: Felicity Faces Down Diaz and Her Own Worst Impulses

Arrow, Season 7, Episode 6, “Due Process”

The 2018 Laurel Redemption Tour chugged along, and nearly took Felicity down with it. The series is trying to show there’s potential for good and evil in everyone, and they’ve chosen to contrast bad guy, Black Siren performing selfless deeds, while the normally virtuous Felicity is pushed to the edge of ruthlessness while in Mama Bear mode. As a longtime Laurel loather, the whole enterprise left a bad taste in my mouth.   Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Arrow:

What’s the scoop:  Once again, it’s a two for one main story. The members of the various Teams Arrow are gathered together and closing in on Diaz, while Laurel is in appellate court, trying to spring Ollie from prison. Felicity is at the center of the friction in the two plotlines. Her desire to end Diaz is causing her to endanger her teammates (especially Anataoly, who they rescue along the way), and her willingness to work with not-Laurel is alienating (though I do love how everyone bags on Laurel for being a lawyer imposter).

Meanwhile in B-plot land: Level two might be history, but in prison, things still suck for Ollie. Somehow, it’s possible that the guards are more terrible than before. Ollie’s little toady sidekick gets thrown into the hole for stabbing a guard that Brick’s gang has a beef with. Ollie investigates, finds the shiv, and pins the crime on one of Brick’s crew. When the sidekick is released, he lets slip a fact he shouldn’t know, which makes Ollie think the sidekick is actually a murdering weasel.

On the island of the future: Kudos for the transitions that got us from the present to the future. Not a ton of progress here. Felicity has been “dead” for a couple of weeks and before that, she was ruthless. Though we do find out her master plan was a 180-degree turn from the Season 1 master plan. Instead of someone trying to blow up The Glades, someone (allegedly Felicity) wants to blow up Star City, and leave The Glades intact.

Sex and the Olicity: A reunion is close, very close. And, oh what glorious makeouts there will be.

What about the action: The gang gets together to defuse some bombs and capture some villains. The bombs are linked with all kinds of redundancies, so Felicity and Curtis have to defuse theirs simultaneously, while the rest of the crew distracts Diaz so he can’t throw the manual switch. It’s a tense scene with decent action. The important thing is that Diaz is captured, which sets up another tense scene, where it’s just a handcuffed Diaz staring down the barrel of Felicity’s gun. She is fully prepared to put a new hole in Diaz’s head, but Laurel steps in to announce she’s made a deal with the feds: Diaz for Oliver’s freedom. That news snaps Felicity out of her murderous rage.

What’s next: Diaz in prison? It’s right where he wants to be!

Last impressions:  Can we talk about Laurel’s bad lawyering for a second? Her appeal before the federal bench goes nowhere when she gives a rousing speech about the nature of heroism, instead of backing up her argument with stuff like case law and legal precedent. For the purposes of the show, the speech was the most important thing, because it got Dinah on Laurel’s side. It’s frustrating, because I’m just a reviewer of comic book shows (and as much of a not-lawyer as Laurel), and even I know given that Oliver was subjected to off-the-books psychological experiments, that Oliver’s Eighth Amendment protections against cruel and unusual punishment were violated. Those are actual grounds for appeal. Laurel could still have made the needed hero speech along with the legal argument, but no; we still need Ollie in prison for another week so he and Diaz can have a showdown in prison … so even the most basic efforts at some kind of realism are pushed into a corner. (On a side note, how many prosecutors have visible tattoos on their wrists and hands? Couldn’t the makeup team have done something to cover up Katie Cassidy’s ink?)

Now that my rant is over, this was an okay episode. Too many events happened because the plot demanded it. But, it seems like the writers are looking to wrap up this chapter of the Diaz saga before the crossover, so cutting corners to get to that point is excusable.

Craig Wack

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