You’ll Have to Wait Until the Very Last Seconds of This Luther Series 5 Trailer to See What You’re Looking For

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking:  New Luther trailer; GIVE ME ALL THE IDRIS!

But, all the true Luther fans are also thinking about something else, too …

… or rather, I should say, someone else.

As luck would have it, that someone does make herself known, but you’ll have to wait for it — and you’ll have to be alert; this is one of those blink-and-you’ll-miss-her situations (H/T Andy). Check it:

As usual, the killer(s) John is after is utterly terrifying. Remember that crazy Season 3 under the bed scene? These shots remind me of that.

Good gods, no!
I don’t know if this is the same person as the masked crawler, but there’s a bit of a Red Dragon feel to these shots.

We’ll certainly be getting our full shuddering on, but I’m willing to bet you waited that whole trailer to see if there was any sign of YOU-KNOW-WHO, and damned if they didn’t wait until the very last to fulfill our dreams. In fact, the shot is so quick, there’s barely any movement to this gif:

Still, there she is, and that’s all we really wanted — confirmation that Alice Morgan wasn’t really dead, and to have John and Alice back together again. Kill him? No way. Alice is just like the rest of us; she only wants  …

Luther, Series 5 returns with the gang, old and new, to BBC One in 2019.

Cindy Davis

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