Elseworlds, ‘Part 3’: All’s Well That Sets Up Next Year’s Crossover

Elseworlds, “Part 3″ (Supergirl, Season 4, Episode 9)

Late to the party? Read up about Part 1 and Part 2, first.

If the Crisis on Infinite Earths stinger is to be believed, it looks like Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl not only celebrated another creatively successful crossover, but also as if all three shows have been unofficially picked up for next season. Let’s not look too far ahead though, because there’s plenty to discuss about the rollicking ending to this crossover batch. Here’s everything you need to know about the final chapter of Elseworlds:

What’s the scoop: Deegan has made the most of his second chance with the Book of Destiny. He’s recreated the world similar to DC Comic’s Earth-3, which is where the heroes are villains and the villains are heroes. As an added touch, he’s turned himself into Superman, is using STAR Labs as his base of operations, and has Kara — who has no record of existence in this world — locked in the basement. So, the Trigger Twins (Barry and Ollie) have to find Cisco, who is now a crime boss, with Jimmy Olson as one of his flunkies. Finding Mr. Ramon, as he’s known now, is the easy part; convincing him to help is another thing entirely. Along the way, Barry and Ollie get transported to The Monitor’s realm, where he admits that he’s impressed by their tenacity and ability to escape Superman even without their skills and powers, and ominously warns that they have to know their true selves if they are to pass the test.

What about the action: No expense was spared for this climatic final chapter. We were treated to a dynamic Superman vs. Bizarro (the real Superman in this case) midair battle, that included a helicopter. The book trades hands a number of times, so reality shifts accordingly. Ultimately, Barry and Kara have to pull their version of Superman: The Movie, and fly around the world at tremendous speed to slow the rotation of the earth, and slow down time (no mention or thought about what would happen to gravity, but I digress). The kicker is that Superman saw in the book that particular plan kills both Kara and Barry. They decide to do it anyway, which leads Oliver to a eureka moment that requires another trip to see The Monitor. Ollie conjures his best gruff voice to get The Monitor’s attention, because Ollie has figured out that The Monitor’s test isn’t about power or skill — it’s about heart. He argues that he knows he’s filled with darkness, but Kara and Barry have an inner light that inspires others to do great things, and to sacrifice them with a universe-shattering crisis on the horizon is about the dumbest thing a godlike being can do. The Monitor is buying what Ollie is selling, though he drops the bomb that balance must be maintained (that sounds familiar), and wants to know what is Oliver’s suggestion to keep the balance? It’s not spoken, but I have a feeling that Ollie might have made a choice that requires him to carry another dark secret.

Memorable moments

  • It feel like the Kara-Alex interplay while Kara was imprisoned was an overplay of similarly piecing together the relationships between Barry and Iris, and Ollie and Felicity. It’s a shame, because Kara trying to convince Alex of their sisterhood was both more heartfelt, and more essential to the plot.
  • Kara laughed a lot in this episode, something that has been missing for much of Supergirl‘s season. Having her in a happy place like with Lois and Clark on the Kent farm, or saving the day with buddies Ollie and Barry, makes that laughter’s absence all the more glaring.
  • Lois and Clark are expecting, and they plan on relocating to Argo City for the duration of the pregnancy, and beyond. Can’t have a half-Kryptonian baby kick his mommy halfway across the planet . . . Somewhere, Brodie Bruce from Mallrats must be smiling at that news.
  • That news is also mighty convenient, because Kara has her hands pretty full now that she’s at odds with the DEO, and the anti-alien movement isn’t going away any time soon.
  • J’onn and Brainy both made cameo appearances during the final push against Deegan. Brainy made quick work of the returned AMAZO.
  • For bad people, Diggle and Killer Frost make poor flunkies.
  • Cisco appeared to be messing around with the Phantom Zone projector, which I’m pretty sure was a reference to the Fortress of Solitude party scene in the Lego Batman Movie.
  • At least one Legend of Tomorrow made his way into the crossover. I wonder of this Agent Gary was missing a nipple?
  • I was surprised that Batwoman only appeared for just a brief cameo. It’s going to be interesting to see if that show gets picked up for series, or if it’s just going to provide another guest spot in next year’s crossover.

What’s next: Deegan survived, but his face was severely damaged by the Book of Destiny. There he was in Arkham in the cell next to Psycho-Pirate who, in the comics, helped spark some of the many Crisis events in DC’s history. It’s going to be interesting to watch the big three shows for signs that a Crisis is coming. I have a feeling that the Russian Kara we’ve been seeing from time to time this season might play a role in altering reality, yet again. We’ll get our answers in Fall of 2019.

Last impressions: Since the first time The Flash showed up on Arrow, there has been one constant: Barry and Oliver make each other better people. It was true then, and has been a major part of every crossover story since. It’s great to see Oliver out of his brooding element, and enjoying the fact he’s doing good for the world. At this point, Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin, and Melissa Benoist have great command of their characters, and incredible chemistry together. These crossovers could collapse under the sheer weight of trying to cram so much into just three or four episodes, without being confidently played by their leads, and possessing genuine bonds of friendship. I think I enjoyed last year’s crossover a tiny bit more, but Elseworlds once again made the sacrifices to their parent shows worthwhile. Despite the grave nature of the problem at hand, that spirit of optimism that has permeated both The Flash and Supergirl at various times was front and center, here. It’s what makes these big crossover events special –- good people doing good things, and making each other better in the process. That’s the kind of world everyone should want to live in.

Craig Wack

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