Arrow, ‘My Name is Emiko Queen’: Arrow’s Origin Story Retold Through the Eyes of Oliver’s Newfound Sister

Arrow, Season 7, Episode 10, “My Name Is Emiko Queen”

After seven seasons, it’s easy to forget how messed up Oliver’s family situation was before boarding the Queen’s Gambit all those years ago. Although we’ve seen her in snippets during the season, this week’s midseason premiere is our first formal introduction to Emiko Queen, Oliver’s long-lost half-sister. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Arrow:

What’s the scoop:  We’re finally let in on Emiko’s backstory and mission. The product of one of Robert Queen’s affairs, she and her mother were supposed to be taken care of in the event of Robert’s death, but Moira (also Oliver mother) stopped that notion dead in its tracks. So, Emiko grew up in The Glades poor but happy before her mother seemingly died in a fire. In fact, her mother was shot in the head, and the fire was part of the cover-up. Emiko’s mission is as personal as it gets -– revenge for her mother’s death. She’s built a nifty yarnwall in her Emiko Lair, and has been working her way up the food chain to her intended target. Her mission hits a snag, and she seeks out Rene’s help to get patched up. Rene uses this as an opening to start Team Arrow v3.0. Emiko could use the backup, and Rene needs to get back into the vigilante game now that Ollie, Felicity and Dinah have moved on without him. Emiko reluctantly agrees to the partnership, as they hunt the final piece to complete her mission. And wouldn’t you know it? It’s the wrong guy, now Emiko must start her hunt anew. This time she has help.

Meanwhile in B-plot land: Ollie spends much of the episode finding out about Emiko, and wresting with a lot of old guilt. Emiko left some blood at the crime scene and Felicity matches the DNA to Ollie’s family line, so he searches for clues as to who she is. Felicity discovers a storage locker in Moira’s name, and one of the boxes inside has a letter from Robert that neatly lays out who Oliver’s sister is. Ollie is shocked and upset. He knows this woman and her mother had an unnecessarily tough life because Oliver’s parents were wannabe supervillains, and it’s eating him up inside. There’s also a dash of the Diaz story. Thanks to an interrogation gambit by Diggle, ARGUS is bringing back the Suicide Squad (of course they can’t call it that but that’s totally what it is), and Diaz is the first to get his head bomb.

On the island of the future: The Glades isn’t a dump, and Rene and his terrible wig are the mayor. The script has completely flipped. Rene’s daughter pleads with him to get the access codes to The Glades’ security system, which is a big reason why the former rough neighborhood has experienced a turnaround. It looks like Rene isn’t his own man, because a smug real estate developer type confirms the plan to blow up Star City — and Felicity’s murder — to Rene.

Sex and the Olicity: The happy couple were more romantic than sexy this week, with Felicity charged with talking Ollie off the ledge when the cruel actions of both of his parents reopen some old wounds. There’s a lot of reassuring words and face stroking. She suggests that Ollie reach out to Emiko to fix what his parents broke. Luckily for Ollie, Emiko visits Robert’s grave on the regular.

What about the action: Much of the action was centered around establishing Emiko’s bona fides as a vigilante. So there are some small missions, training montages, and general badassery. There’s a quick but solid fight between Emiko and the would-be mother killer. We’ve seen enough of Emiko in action previously to know she can hold her own, and it was interesting to see that despite growing up apart, she and Ollie have similar personal codes and determination.

What’s next: Ollie and Emiko meet and discuss how rotten their father was.

Last impressions: This was a rather talky episode by Arrow standards, but it did what it needed to do to establish Emiko as a legitimate part of the big picture. Rene was featured in this episode quite a bit ,and it’s interesting to get a gauge on how much he’s changed. The former loner went out of his way to form a partnership with the new Arrow. This episode didn’t blow us away with wall-to-wall fight scenes, but finally unraveling the mystery of Emiko Queen was captivating enough to keep from the episode from bogging down in a tidal wave of exposition.



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