Arrow ‘Past Sins’: We Haven’t Seen This Many Daddy Issues Since Lost

Arrow, Season 7, Episode 10, “Past Sins”

The episode title says it all. Our heroes and villains have dark secrets that motivate them and make them all sexy and brooding. It just so happens, those people have to process those complex issues all on the same  day. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Arrow:

What’s the scoop:  Oliver’s first meeting with Emiko does not go well, despite Ollie’s best intentions. She’s still hurt about the whole being disavowed by the whole Queen family thing and no amount of tears can change her mind. It doesn’t take long before Ollie has bigger fish to fry. On a TV appearance with Not Laurel, Oliver’s dad is hailed as a hero, yet Ollie says nothing. This brings the son of the bodyguard Ollie’s dad killed on the raft out of the woodwork, especially since he got his hands on Oliver’s prison psych sessions. Black Siren has to face her own past and guilt. She believes someone from Earth 2 is stalking her, and it makes her confront that it was her own hissy fit that put her father in the crosshairs of the drunk driver that killed him.

Meanwhile in B-plot land: Curtis is having major ethical issues with the revival of the Suicide Squad program, but he goes along because he wants to catch the mysterious Dante as well.

On the island of the future: We take the week off from the future.

Sex and the Olicity: Ollie and Felicity share a few scenes but mostly, Felicity spends the episode trying to redeem Siren, and figure out who is stalking her.

What about the action: Confronting your daddy issues is not that thrilling, so it falls onto Curtis and Diaz to carry the lion’s share of the action. Diaz tries to make a break for it when he and the other squad members are getting their brain-bombs calibrated. He overpowers Curtis, eventually killing him before getting to a car, and reaching out to tell Dante ARGUS is gunning for him. But, surprise! It’s literally all in Diaz’s head. Instead of sending the squad into the field, Curtis created a VR setup and led Diaz down a path to reveal how to capture Dante. Oliver doesn’t completely go without heroics, saving a kidnap victim and confronting Sam Hackett, son of the bodyguard who was shot during a hostage situation.

What’s next: After Ollie comes clean on TV about what his father did, Emiko shows up and says she’s open to the possibility of maybe thinking about establishing a relationship with her brother. So … progress?

Last impressions: This episode balanced the action and the pathos a little bit better than last week. It feels like we’ve reached that point in the season where Arrow takes a few episodes to spin its wheels a little bit. The Not Laurel redemption arc continues to be aggravating. And, most of the characters don’t have enough to do. Felicity messing with her new security system is a nice callback to the fact that anyone could get into the old Arrowlair, but do we need to visit this every week, or can we just let the thing gain sentience, and reunite the team to rescue Felicity? There’s hope now that Oliver and Emiko are in the same orbit, the plot can start to move forward again.

Craig Wack

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