The Flash, ‘Goldfaced’: Even a Laser Battle Can’t Prevent the Midseason Slump

The Flash, Season 5, Episode 13, “Goldfaced”

It comes like clockwork every February and March; The Flash (and admittedly most of the other CW action shows) goes flat. Call it filler, call it stalling, call it lack of budget and ideas -– no matter the label, it’s mediocre TV at best.  Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of The Flash:

What’s the scoop:  The team works up a plan to get the cure into Cicada. The sticking point is that the target has to stay still for a little bit while the cure takes hold. Knowing that Cicada isn’t going to be a willing participant in this game of doctor, they need a stasis field to help keep him immobile. Of course one does not go to the local bodega to acquire such equipment. Nope. You need to buy it on the black market from a guy named Goldface.

Meanwhile in B-plot Land: In an attempt to throw Wells off her scent, Nora asks Thawne what she can do to keep her secret (asking Thawne to help with Cicada) safe. Thawne decides that distracting the detective with the Earth 1 version of the love of his life (played by Kimberly Williams-Paisley) will do the trick. Standard Wells hijinx ensue, and Nora thinks he’s off the scent. Also, bothered by a negative review (never read the comments, Iris, everybody knows that) Iris decides she needs to spice things up like when she wrote about DeVoe, and start writing about Cicada. The investigation leads to Cicada’s residence, and Iris needs to use all her wits and a well-placed knife to escape.

What about the action: Hey, guess what? Instead of the standard Barry or Ralph (but not both) using their powers, this week, neither one does as they get slapped with a power dampening, explosive handcuff as soon as they land at the secret market. Our heroes have to prove they are hard (Barry demonstrates this by wearing a necklace over his shirt). In order to get what they need, Goldface makes them steal a 3-D printer that creates human organs. Barry’s inherent goodness nearly gets both he and Ralph killed on several occasions. In the end, Barry and Ralph get into a laser gun fight, backed by White Zombie’s thunderous bests. They have no powers, so Barry uses his smarts and knowledge of science to incapacitate Goldface — which is good — but they don’t get the stasis generator, which is ideal.

What’s next:  Like father, like daughter, Nora breaks the universe trying to time-travel.

Last impressions:  It was a filler episode plain and simple. Nothing really changed. Sure, we were treated to Williams-Paisley’s best Tom Cavanagh impression with her playing six versions of the same character, but that’s mild amusement, not the backbone of an episode. Lets’ hope Nora’s big secret is exposed next week, because it looks like they are going to try to milk Cicada for all it’s worth.

Craig Wack

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