Supergirl, ‘Menagerie’: Fun Ends as Children of Liberty Return to Forefront

Supergirl, “Menagerie,” Season 4, Episode 12

The Children of Liberty storyline cast a pall on the front half of this season. The group previously known for its relentless optimism grew dour when confronting the analog for real-world white supremacy and immigration issues. A couple of episodes started moving the show in a more familiar direction, but the events of “Menagerie” has set things back. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Supergirl:

What’s the scoop: A couple of jewel thieves on the run stumble onto a meteor that is, in fact, a spaceship for a serpentine alien that latches onto a host’s spine, eats the hearts of others, and calls itself Menagerie. And, all just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Several plot threads eventually overlap before this is over. Alex and the DEO are investigating Menagerie, while Kara and J’onn are following leads that are headed the same direction. Lockwood encourages his son to bring the Children of Liberty together because if they take care of the alien problem, that will only serve to bolster the cause in the eyes of the public.

Meanwhile in B-plot land: With killer aliens on the loose and Supergirl no longer with the DEO, the government turn to Lena and her research that turns regular people into superhumans for a solution. Lena is resistant at first, but decides to go along with it. She lets Jimmy know the situation and despite being super-supportive of Lena lately, he’s not a fan of this decision … so much so, that they break up in the car following their Valentine’s date. Ouch!

What about the action: The combined forces of good track down Menagerie, and there’s a brief battle during which Kara is trying to help and protect her secret identity at the same time. Later on, Menagerie, the Children of Liberty, the DEO, Supergirl and Dreamer (Nia Nal) all wind up at a masquerade ball fundraiser. Menagerie is looking for loot, and everyone else is looking for Menagerie. The Children of Liberty are especially troublesome because they are largely hindering the DEO. Eventually, Supergirl gets the alien/human hybrid one on one and then incapacitates Menagerie, thanks to a huge assist from Dreamer. Lockwood’s teenaged son swoops in at the last minute, beheads the serpent, and takes the credit for saving the day. It’s enough good press that it gets Lockwood released from prison.

What’s next: Another break, Manchester Black is coming back and he’s bringing a team of alien vigilantes with him -– including Menagerie, who still has the alien living inside of her.

Last impressions:  I guess the return to form was fun while it lasted because with Lockwood’s release from prison, the Children of Liberty are going to be here for a while. The episode itself was fine. Everybody contributed their own little bit of business to the cause, and the Valentine’s Day stuff was a nice thread that at least attempted to keep things light. Alex even remembered she was baby crazy at the end of last season. However, the grim specter of the return of the Children of Liberty cast a shadow over the whole episode.

Craig Wack

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