When the Wall Comes Tumblin’ Down: HBO Sneaks in a Few Game of Thrones Final Season Clues, Plus a Sweet Oscar Reunion, and Cookies Are Coming

It’s still too early to hope for a full Game of Thrones Season 8 trailer, but HBO does love to tease. Their latest multi-series promo has several seconds of new footage strewn among that of other shows, and of course, I’m about to make mountains out of any teeny-tiny molehills I can find.

Putting together the previous precious footage we’ve seen showing Jon and Dany back at Winterfell ( “… is yours, Your Grace’), I’ll venture the new bits feature Daenerys’ perilous journey back to (or near) the wall, to assess exactly what’s headed their way (and how soon).

Of course, we already know; we witnessed the beginning of the wall’s fall at the end of The Dragon and the Wolf.

Though Tormund may have appeared to be in mortal danger, thank the old gods and the new, he’s alive and well (the better to have those great big monster babies with Brienne).

I believe in this shot he’s still near the crumbling wall and has seen Dany atop Drogon, surveilling. Unfortunately, where at first I thought this might be a flashback of the Night King taking down Viserion,

I’m guessing he may actually be taking a shot at a second dragon, the one Dany’s riding. Of course, it would be an insanely unexpected shock (Emilia Clarke recently spoke of such things) if the Mother of Dragons were to be killed off.

If it is so, might the angry look on (Ae)Jon’s face because he’s seen the last two dragons return, riderless?

Can you imagine his fury? Or perhaps, could it be that he’s recovering from hearing the news about exactly who he just (relatively) (ha! I crack myself up.) slept with?

If Dany doesn’t die by the Night King’s spear, there are also those pesky rumors that Tyrion (who I’ve hoped was a secret Targaryen) has a hand in the third and final predicted treason(s) Daenerys suffers (following Mirri Maz Duur [blood], Ser Jorah [gold, although he betrayed more for value than actual gold]); did a dear brother make a deal with his wicked sister, Cersei? Though in a way it’d be heartbreaking, Tyrion proving to be as wicked as his fellow Lannisters would be quite fitting George R. R. Martin material.

Is that dragon riderless? Is Rhaegal the last dragon?

“Do you know what happened? … Dragons happened.” That little smile spreading across Arya’s face is most definitely because she’s viewing a dragon for the first time — hopefully, Drogon returning with Daenerys rather than a riderless Rhaegal.

As Arya reminded Tywin when he recounted the history of Aegon ruining Harrenhal, it was Aegon and his sisters who rode the dragons that roasted Harren and his sons alive (hint, hint:  Jon is Aegon, eighth of his name). Despite the confirmation that Jon is a Targaryen, Arya and Sansa will always — in his heart and ours — be his sisters, so it’s not too far of a stretch to have that Season 2 callback, a long-ago hint that Jon and the Stark women will be Game of Thrones‘ last major survivors.

That’s a lot and the last of my speculation for the moment. Do please add in your own thoughts in the comments, after all, what’s better than theorizing with friends?

Speaking of friends, have a gander at this glorious reunion between Khal Drogo — Jason Momoa — and his Khaleesi, Emilia Clarke, as well as Momoa’s real life spouse, Lisa Bonet, at the 91st Academy Awards.


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Oh and, did you see exactly where one queen’s hand is placed on the other queen’s body?

Game of Thrones returns to HBO with its final five episodes April 14, 2018 and along with winter, show-themed Oreos are coming.

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