You Either Win or You D … er, Everyone Wins! Game of Thrones Releases Surprising Batch of ‘What If?’ Character Posters

Game of Throne is ramping up its (sorry) game.

Following Oscar Sunday’s bit of new footage with a batch of new character posters this quickly must mean a full trailer is coming soon, mustn’t it? (Please?) Regardless, we’ll cheer and go bonkers over anything Game-related HBO sends our way, including shots of Iron Throne contenders real and imagined.

In addition to the usual suspects …

(What’s your point Jaime? Look, either you or your brother have a much more important mission (Valonqar prophecy, anyone?). Get on that, will you?)

… there are delightful additions who clearly have no claim to the throne. Still, everyone has dreams, so WHY NOT?

Who among us wouldn’t be thrilled to see Queen Missandei rule, with Grey Worm by her side? (Yes, we’d watch that series right now.)

Ah, the valiant Ser Jorah and Ser Davos. I regret to inform you both that despite our everlasting love for you, your fate as supporting characters is sealed.

The Starks (former and current) may all survive (if we and they are lucky), but I can’t say I see any one of them ending up on the Iron Throne.

Loyal (depending upon your perspective) defenders may also survive, but I hardly think they’d care to rule.

Speaking of Brienne, WHERE IS TORMUND’S POSTER?

Hmm, I think you may be just a little deluded, Theon. Not that I don’t feel for you after all you’ve been through, but let us not forget who you started this thing out as.

Sam, your courage and ambitions have come a long way,  and we do believe when all is said and done, your achievements will likewise be written in the books. Discovering who Jon is and passing on that knowledge is huge.

Um, nobody cares, Euron. Piss off.

Most of them are you, Lady.

Lightbringer has your number, dude.

In summation, we have no more idea who’s going to win this thing than we did before these posters, but just look at all those adorable emojis!

Finally, in news your eyes might not believe they’re reading, George R. R. Martin FINALLY TURNED DOWN A SIDE GIG — a Game of Thrones Season 8 cameo, no less — so he can FINISH WRITING THE WINDS OF WINTER.

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