Whatever It Takes: Flashbacks and Gathering Forces Will Power Avengers: Endgame to Victory

Finally free to include its newest member,

Marvel nonchalantly tossed out a gorgeous Avengers:  Endgame trailer this morning and oh, how the black and white flashbacks have me entranced.

In a voiceover, Peggy Carter reminds us, “Sometimes the best we can do is start over” and of course, that’s what we expect these Avengers to do. Whether Strange messes with time, or Ant-Man and Captain Marvel manipulate some kind of quantum realm magic, I have no doubt we’ll be seeing old friends resurrected.

Not sure about Hawk’s hair, though …

Speaking of hair and time, both Black Widow and Hawkeye are seen with completely different styles, and Natasha sports both red and blonde (in the last shot of the trailer, she’s back to the previous teasers’ blonde bob).

The fun of this movie will be in getting there — to the place where our heroes are all (or mostly? I still don’t believe Cap is leaving us) returned, and Thanos gets his digitized ass thoroughly kicked. Avengers assemble!

“Is that Stormbreaker or are you just happy to see me?”

Someone’s impressed with his (axe)hammer,

but it ain’t Captain Marvel (I adore her expressive reaction).

We do too, Thor. We do, too.

Here’s the full trailer; catch Avengers:  Endgame at the theater April 26th!


Cindy Davis

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