The Flash, ‘Time Bomb’: The Truth Pays Nora an Unwelcome Visit

The Flash, Season 5, Episode 17, “Time Bomb”

The season-long drama with Nora and her many secrets finally come home to roost. First, The Flash makes Nora twist a little bit, as she sees an allegory of her very situation unfold before her eyes. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of The Flash:

What’s the scoop:  Cicada 2.0 brings her uncle up to speed on her time-hopping vendetta. Sweet little comatose Gracie is all grown up and filled with hate for metahumans, thanks in large part to hearing Uncle Orlin’s rantings. Her first target is the meta that she believed murdered her parents. A little investigation reveals that her parents’ death by exploding ATM was an accident. A meta who didn’t know she had powers to charge up objects (think X-Men‘s Gambit), touched the ATM, charged it, and got scared and ran away when she saw the sparks. Gracie’s parents just happened to be there when the eponymous time bomb went off. Of course, Sequel Cicada has trouble accepting that possibility and starts hunting the meta, who is now a suburban mom with a big secret. Also, Wells closes in on making the Nora-Thawne connection (it becomes important later).

Meanwhile in B-plot Land: Ralph is back to provide some comic relief and to integrate Cisco’s new social media official girlfriend Kamilla into Team Flash. Of course, Cisco has been shielding her from that part of his life and really enjoys being able to cut loose from all the leather pants and day-saving. This is the groundwork for Cisco facing his choice of taking the cure or not, which is ironic because there was no one in the first couple of seasons who wanted powers more than Cisco.

What about the action:  There was as much internal as external struggle this week. Nora spends all episode tied up in knots emotionally, seeing the secret meta and her family endangered by Sequel Cicada. Nora watches the family fight then come together once the truth is revealed and everyone has time to process. We get a look at what a well-oiled machine Team Flash can be as they try to protect this family from Sequel Cicada. The family is able to escape to the custody of federal witness protection, but Uncle Orlin is not so lucky. He tells his niece that her parents’ death was just an accident, and apologizes for poisoning her mind with hate. Gracie shows how deep in denial she is by burying Cicada 1.0’s dagger into his back. Of course, this is the undercard to the main event. With this week’s adventure seemingly wrapped up and everyone ready for cocktails, Cecilia senses that Nora has something to share with the group. Nora is dumbstruck but thankfully, Wells has pieced it all together and in true Sherlock Sherloque fashion, lays it all out for an increasingly mortified family. In the end, Barry locks Nora in a cell, presumably trying to figure out what to do with her next.

What’s next:  Next month, it’s time for Nora to tell her side of the story.

Last impressions: I’ll never be one to bellyache about a series pushing the plot forward, and this episode did a fair amount of that. It established what Sequel Cicada’s motivations are and gave Chris Klein a chance to redeem his character a little. We got a dab of character development with Cisco, and the most important revelation of the truth about Nora. This does wonders for the arc of the show. The series will be able to squeeze a couple of episodes out of the fallout from this revelation, and then it will be time to build the season to its climax. It’s full speed ahead for The Flash and it’s about time.

Craig Wack

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