Arrow, ‘Lost Canary’: Season’s Final Push Starts with Laurel-centric Episode 

Arrow, Season 7, Episode 18, “Lost Canary”

Whenever Not Laurel aka Black Siren pops onscreen there’s plenty of eye-rolling from me, so this episode allowed me to see what the back of my brain looked like. They couldn’t even follow through on this being her swan song, but their big twist ends in the future. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Arrow:

What’s the scoop:  Not Laurel has embraced her newfound rogue status by teaming up with a heretofore unseen Diaz compatriot, Shadowthief. They are a regular BDSM-styled, semi-gender flipped Bonnie and Clyde. Dinah is out to put Black Siren in jail, but Felicity is not so sure. She thinks there’s redemption to be found in Siren (eye-roll) and even recruits “sister” Sara in from Legends of Tomorrow for backup. Sara does her part by talking heroics with Siren at Quentin’s headstone. Felicity sniffs out how Siren is picking her targets, which opens the door for Shadowthief to suggest a bigger score –- a big ole bomb stored in the Abandoned Warehouse District.

Meanwhile in B-plot land:  I hope Oliver has his passport with him because he is in deep denial over Emiko. He and Diggle track down some leads that send them to a Longbow Hunter assassin. Despite everyone telling him different about Emiko (and what the audience knows about her real role in the Ninth Circle), Oliver, like his wife, is seeking to redeem the irredeemable.

Sex and the Olicity: They spent most of the episode on their own separate missions, but Olicity did have a cute moment in the end when both are exhausted from a long day and curl up on the couch for an intimate conversation about supervillains, babies and what to have for dinner. Given what is happening behind the scenes, it’s important to savor these small moments.

On the island of the future:  So it appears there’s a whole network of Canaries run by Future Dinah that is one part vigilante group, one part feminist support network, and they are being hunted to extinction by Galaxy One’s goons. Mia wants to fight them all head-on, Zoe and Dinah are more concerned about shoring up one safehouse, so the remaining Canaries have a place to roost and regroup. Mia being Mia, she takes the fight to the goons and needs to be bailed out by Future Not Laurel and two of her Canaries, which was the big twist of the episode.

What about the action: Fans who always wanted Birds of Prey got as close as they are ever going to get with Dina, Sara and Felicity teaming together to stop Siren and Shadowthief from stealing the bomb that could potentially kill a lot of innocent people. As usual, the fight sequences are well choreographed and we even got our first salmon ladder in ages. The team convinces Siren to swing back to the good guys’ side at the last minute and they harmlessly detonate the bomb inside the warehouse. While they celebrate, Siren drops the bomb that she’s going back to her Earth to be a hero, which makes Felicity a little sad. Of course the hopes fans who for a fleeting instant thought they were rid of Laurel Lance forever were dashed in the episode’s stinger when we see a blond-wigged (or is it supposed to be grey hair?) Siren as one of the future’s Canary Crew.

Last impressions: All Birds of Prey fan service aside, this was a filler episode. It did allow the show to explore some relationships it had been picking at most of the season. The downer was that Siren’s moment of redemption did not exactly feel earned. Sure she got a couple of graveyard pep talks from Sara, but ultimately Siren switched sides because she was outmatched, which has been her M.O. since the character’s “resurrection” and heel turn a couple of seasons back. As filler episodes go, this one was slightly better than average, but only the most hardcore Laurel fans are going to look back at this episode with any fondness.

Craig Wack

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