Arrow, ‘Confessions’ Channels Its Inner Usual Suspects to Protect an Old Friend

Arrow, Season 7, Episode 20, “Confessions”

There’s nothing better than a conspiracy among friends. Team Arrow has to close ranks to protect old school team member Roy Harper, who pops up from his recent duties destroying Lazarus Pits (hint, hint) with Thea and Nyssa. As usual, Emiko is one step ahead of everyone. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Arrow:

What’s the scoop:  This episode is largely told in flashbacks during an interrogation conducted by Dinah and a burly SCPD officer. It seems that while the team foiled Emiko’s plot to activate a biological weapon in a subway, two transit cops were brutally murdered, and the vigilantes are the prime suspects.

Meanwhile in B-plot land:  There’s a lot of Rene and Oliver trying to redeem Emiko. One would think a desire to detonate a biological weapon would be enough to keep you from being invited to Thanksgiving dinner, but Rene and Oliver spend most of the episode searching a haystack for the needle of Emiko’s positive qualities. Thankfully, Emiko puts all that to rest by confessing to Rene that she’s the real leader of the Ninth Circle, and telling Oliver she could have warned their dad about the explosives on the Queen’s Gambit … but didn’t because like so, so many villains on this show, Emiko wants the Queen family to suffer in the most humiliating way possible.

Sex and the Olicity: Once again, not a lot of personal moments between Ollie and Felicity. And, why the hell is a preggers Felicity in an area where a biological agent could be released? That seems dumb even by Team Arrow standards.

On the island of the future:  Nothing from this crew this week, though I think I now have a good idea why Roy was on the island in the first place.

What about the action: The story of the dead guards is laid out piece by piece, with Dinah playing the bad cop. The interrogations start with Oliver and work their way around back Oliver, who ultimately pin the murders on his sister. But, surprise! Emiko may be a killer, but she wasn’t the murderer in this case. Rather, it was our old pal Roy, who has a nasty case of the bloodlusts after needing to be resurrected in one of the Lazarus Pits he, Thea and Nyssa were seeking to destroy. To protect Roy and to protect their own interest in staying vigilantes so they can continue to hunt Emiko and the Ninth Circle, the team conspires to lie to the police. But, it’s all going to be undone by Emiko because she is the one who erased the camera footage that recorded the crime, and she’s is giving it to the officer not involved in the conspiracy so she can ruin the reputation of Team Arrow after she drops a building on top of them. Emiko is nothing if not thorough.

Last impressions: This mini-cliffhanger episode is the official start of the end of the season. Emiko has made her big play and now the team has their chance to close in on her. The flashback/interrogation structure added some spice to what would have been a pretty bland story if it were told in a conventional manner. The future jump we’ve seen this year has hamstrung the narrative at times, and it was plainly evident here, because they had to find a reason to ship Roy off to the island so William can find him a few years down the line. The desperation the team had to protect Roy didn’t have the emotional gravity that banding together to protect a current team member like Dinah or Rene would have. You take your wins where you can and after going in circles the past few weeks, Arrow has finally entered the home stretch of the season.




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