I’m Going Hunting: Terminator: Dark Fate Brings Back Badass Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor for Another Round

Here we go again, folks.

Along with Alien, Terminator is one of the few neverending franchises that often manages to suck me in (Emilia Clarke version aside) and what better way to suck fans back in than with a couple of old friends?

I told you’ll I’d be back.

Mackenzie Davis is a great lead choice, as is director Tim Miller (Deadpool), the supporting cast  — Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Lunam, Diego Boneta — is good, and I’m fine with the whole Terminator-next-generation, but this …

… sort of effects nonsense is just not good. It truly looks like someone just slapped some crap over his face.

Kill it with fire.

Get it together, VFX crew!

I like that they’re jumping off from Judgement Day (we all need to wipe Salvation from our brains); in fact, though newcomer/body double Jude Collie is in as John Connor, it is Edward Furlong’s face we’ll be seeing.

Btw, that’s RIAYA covering Björk’s Hunter.

Produced by James Cameron and with a script by David Goyer (Blade, The Dark Knight trilogy, Dark City), Terminator:  Dark Fate hits theaters November 1, 2019.

Cindy Davis

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