For All Mankind: Ron Moore’s Next Space Series Has a Cast So Irresistible, You’ll Probably Pony Up for Another Service *Updated with Trailer

(Editor’s note:  This piece was first published October 5, 2018)

Well, now we’re in trouble.

Cutting the cord with cable companies might have saved us all some cash, but with services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon creating fantastic original series, the numbers have been creeping back up again. And in case you weren’t paying attention, here comes Apple to mess with your paycheck (again).

Master of science fiction and space series, producer, and showrunner extraordinaire (Outlander, Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Electric Dreams, Star Trek:  TNG), Ronald D. Moore is working on a new show exploring what might have happened if the global space race hadn’t ended. Titled For All Mankind, the assembled cast is pretty much irresistible.

Presuming you’re already drooling over that header photo of Altered Carbon‘s Joel Kinnaman (House of Cards, The Killing), who’ll play Edward Baldwin, imagine your brain when it comprehends the rest of the players:

Jodi Balfour (Rellik [WATCH THIS], The Crown, Quarry, True Detective [2019]) as Ellen Waverly

Michael Dorman (Patriot, Wonderland) as Gordo Stevens

Wrenn Schmidt (Outcast, The Americans, Person of Interest, Tyrant, Boardwalk Empire, The Looming Tower) as Margo Madison

Shantel VanSanten (The Flash, Shooter, One Tree Hill) as Karen Baldwin

Sarah Jones (The Path, Sons of Anarchy, Lone Star, The Riches) as Tracy Stevens

Hey, did I mention it’s a Ron Moore SPACE SHOW?

Join me digging in the couch now … or wherever it is you find your spare cash, because you know you’re all in.

Apple’s For All Mankind also stars Eric Ladin, Arturo Del Puerto, and Rebecca Wisocky, and we’ll keep you updated as further announcements are made.

*Updated June 3, 2019

After an incredibly long wait, the trailer has finally arrived and it looks like this new take on the space race will be quite compelling. (Interesting timing on rekindling the US v Russia thing, wouldn’t you say?)

I’m thrilled Ron Moore’s back in space and with that cast, wild horses couldn’t keep me away. So say we all?

Cindy Davis

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