Praise Baby Yoda, Our Wildest Dreams Are about to Come True: Taika Waititi Is Reportedly in Talks to Do a Star War

I know we’re supposed to be looking forward to Thor:  Love and Thunder but holy Mjölnir, I think Taika Waititi just upstaged his own movie.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, word on the street is that following that glorious Mandalorian finale (helmed by Waititi and in which he played IG-11), the director “has been approached to develop a Star Wars movie.

Honestly, that’s as much detail as they’ve got thus far, but that’s enough for everyone to start celebrating … and speculating, of course. As much as we love the Disney + series, wouldn’t it be great to see The Mandalorian and friends exploding onto the big screen?

And not for nothing, but it’s time to see the hero of that series break out, big time.

I’ll try to calm down now, because who knows what direction the bigwigs will ask Waititi to go. Really, all that matters is that the offer has purportedly been extended and we’re pretty sure what the answer will be.

Meanwhile, let’s hope that directorial offer is also extended to Deborah Chow, who directed the other standout Mandalorian episode –“The Sin” — (to be fair, they were all damned fantastic), as well as “The Reckoning”. She’s next helming Disney+’s Obi-Wan Kenobi series, starring Ewan McGregor.


Cindy Davis

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