Promise Me You’re Coming Back: Everything We Know about Outlander Season 5, Plus a New Teaser *Updated with Wedding Photos

***Spoiler Warning Spoilers for Outlander through Season 4, Episode 13, and Book Spoilers through Diana Gabaldon’s The Fiery Cross follow. Spoilers***

Set about five months after we last saw Clan Fraser and Co., Outlander‘s fifth season will kick off February 16th in North Carolina with nods to events and characters in Diana Gabaldon’s The Fiery Cross and A Breath of Snow and Ashes, as well as flashbacks to bits from previous seasons and books.

Does that mean we’ll see forever favorite Tobias Menzies as Frank Randall (more likely than Jack) again? According to previous comments by showrunner Ronald D. Moore, he wouldn’t rule out flashbacks at some point in the future and as Menzies, himself has noted, “I guess the thing about a show with time travel is, you can go anywhere. The show “could go back to both those characters if they wanted to …”

I don’t know about you, but I’ll always be on the lookout for Frank/Jack.

And speaking of the books, author Diana Gabaldon is finally back! She’s written one of the season’s later episodes!

On to what we know for sure:  Claire and Jamie are together (at least at the start) and while they each have their particular challenges, love and sexytimes (whew!) …

do endure.

We see a lot more of the intimacy and the passion of Claire and Jamie, because we have that luxury of them being in one place a lot of the time, and it’s so nice. Sam and I have been talking a lot about this today, that we get to see how they work together as a couple, the strains and the pressures of these outside things, but they’re able to come together and touch base with each other and support each other. It’s really lovely to see them just converse as a couple in this supportive and emotionally supportive way.” (Catriona Balfe)


As for their seasonal struggles, Jamie will have to do the unthinkable:  don a red coat, ostensibly work on behalf of the British, and hunt down his own godfather, our beloved Murtagh.

I know, I know! What the fork, Jamie?

p.s. Marsali has some news for Fergus (Spoiler: coughbabycough).

Well, in case you’d forgotten, that land deal agreement Jamie made with Governor William Tryon has come due and at the end of Season 4, Fraser was ordered to find and kill Murtagh.

It’s a storyline that is not in the book, but the writers did a great job in really digging into that storyline.We see Jamie have to go against everything he stands for, for the greater good, for the good of the people he’s trying to protect. So, to see Jamie Fraser in a red coat, for me, was kind of full circle and terrifying at the same time.” (Sam Heughan)

At least the hat lives on, as do Murtagh’s own adventures — while on the run, he’ll have a little tryst with a certain other of Jamie’s relatives (Spoiler:  coughJocastacough). The question is, will they eventually marry?

Meanwhile, Claire will be expanding her surgical career as much as she’s able to in another century, and according to Caitriona Balfe, comes “dangerously close to playing god.”

We see that she takes these big chances in exploring surgery that she would have done in the 20th century and also trying to develop medicines that she would have used in the 20th century, But that definitely is a very risky endeavor for Claire this season.” (Caitriona Balfe)

This new teaser expands on that theme, and it looks as if Claire may have recruited a new assistant.

Brianna and Roger will marry on Fraser Ridge.

I truly hope they work up a few more sparks this round.

Apparently filming the wedding over three long, cold days dulled the joy a tad for one of the actors.

“We must have said the vows about a hundred times. By the end, I was like, ‘Richard, I don’t want to marry Roger anymore. The romance is so gone!'” (Sophie Skelton)

Of course, everything isn’t smooth sailing for the couple — Bree still suffers from PTSD after having been raped by Stephen Bonnett, and both Roger and Jamie still wonder if that dastardly dude is still alive. Book readers already know …

David Berry will be back as Lord John Grey for at least one longing glance at Jamie.

What about new cast additions? First up is Ned Dennehy (Peaky Blinders, Good Omens) as Lionel Brown who, along with his brother Richard, causes a bit of trouble for Jamie and his soldiers. Additionally, Chris Larkin (Black Sails, Doctor Who) will play Richard Brown. The brothers Brown go after fellow solder, Isaiah Morton, portrayed by Jon Tarcy.

Left to right: Dennehy, Larkin, Tarcy

Also joining is Anna Burnett (The Witcher, Ripper Street) as Alicia Brown, whose honor the Brown brothers wish to defend.

Paul Gorman portrays twins Josiah and Keziah “Kezzie” Beardsley, twins sold into servitude to Aaron Beardsley (presumably, TBA).

Bronwyn James plays Aaron’s wife, Fanny Beardsley.

Chris J. Donald returns as Phillip Wylie.

And hey, new kitteh! Adso is found on a road by Jamie, who gifts the cat to Claire — along with the name suggestion (after a cat Jamie’s mother kept). “My mother had a wee cat named Adso,” he said, surprisingly. “A gray cheetie, verra much like this one.

Finally, here are the fifth season opening credits and version of the title song:

The series is already renewed for its sixth season, and Caitriona Balfe confirms the actors are contracted through Season 7.

Season 6 is a pickup, already confirmed. We’re contracted for one more after that.”

Catch Outlander’s fifth season premiere February 16th.

Updated:  February 7, 2020

Starz has released a gorgeous album of Brianna and Roger’s wedding photos. ***Spoilers***, of course!


(All images courtesy Starz via Vogue)

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