Real Gods Are Coming and They’re Very Angry: What Can We Glean from the New Westworld Season 3 Trailer?

***Spoiler Warning:  This post contains spoilers for Westworld through Season 2. Spoilers***

Where do we go now? That’s the question posed for Westworld’s upcoming third season, kicking off in less than a month now (March 15th).  Those words are also part of Guns N Roses’ Sweet Child o‘ Mine lyrics — the song (Ramin Djawadi rendition) heard in the series’ third Season 3 trailer, which gives us even more of the mystery to dig into than the past two combined.

Things are getting very, very violent, y’all … not that they weren’t already, of course, but this new tease is going next level. As Dolores aka the Deathbringer mentions, “Real gods are coming, and they’re very angry.” Check out the trailer and because there’s so much happening, we’ll break it down.

As we know from interviews and previous peeks, Dolores purportedly escapes Westworld proper and breaks out into The New World, aka where the humans live. And if you read my last deep dive, you know I think it’s very possible that a) The New World is, in fact, another park, or b) if Dolores is in fact out of the park(s), I believe there are actually no humans left (something I’ve been saying since Season 2).

After explaining to her new pal, Caleb (Aaron Paul) that he’s been under observation by a nefarious someone/something,  she lets him know they’re going after “The person who took your future” and well, isn’t that interesting? Does she mean William in Black, aka her once and former love, who’s also now a hybrid? As with James Delos (who may or may not have once again been uploaded into a host body), William in Black (William, later revealed to be the Man in Black) is also a hybrid. What I wonder after seeing this trailer is, does Dolores realize what William is?

Because sometime after (presumably) a little visit to William, she welcomes him to the end of his little game, seemingly like she thinks he’s his old self.

Speaking of old William and his games — out in the “real world” aka The New World, there’s a reference to that pointless, Season 1 maze.

After a little terrifying torture by an unseen perpetrator,

William declares he finally understands his purpose:

Good to see you haven’t lost any of that handy hubris, William!

Back to that future-stealing thief, I’m also wondering if Delos, himself, is back in action because, during one of several throwdowns, Dolores is shot at by someone who looks remarkably like the man.

Notice the odd movement of whoever is in this shot we see as Dolores says those words to Caleb, “The person who took your future”; it so reminds me of hybrid Delos in “The Riddle of the Sphynx.” Peter Mullan would be a most welcome surprise return.

It could also be a beardy Christian Samm, though.

Back to Dolores and her purported park escape, what we do know is that she absconded with five precious Host cores/control units, one of which is seemingly Charlotte.

But, after this newest trailer, I’m more convinced than ever that the WHO in Charlotte’s body is indeed our old friend Teddy Flood.

This is the second tender moment we’re seeing between Dolores and Charlotte. We know it’s someone else in her body and as much as Nolan and Joy think they’re clever at hiding things, the audience has been great at seeing their secrets coming a mile off.

It’s very intimate, what’s happening between CharlotTeddy and later when Ch … Cheddy(?) worries about only five hosts going against a world of humans,

Dolores reassures, “It’ll be enough.”


I’m not entirely sure about that, Dolores, even if you did manage to nab a (temporary?) hostage.

Still, Charlotte does seem to have managed to round up some help.

That’s some kinda “Riot Control”.

Unfortunately (and I just knew Vincent Cassel was going to play a HOT corporate baddie), if there’s one formidable foe Dolores probably wasn’t expecting …

it is our own Queen Maeve,

Lordy, I cannot wait to see this showdown.

who’s doing double duty (or was previously) in that new park, War World.


So, I guess Maeve was not one of the five control units Dolores took — though I’m certain Teddy and her father, Peter Abernathy are among them  (one was her own, put back in Dolores’ new body and one was Bernard’s) — and that leaves one more. That last one could belong to Charlotte if Dolores thinks she might be useful because of her real-world connections or maybe (as I speculated) it’s William’s daughter, Emily?

Speaking of our friend, Bernard (one of my personal favorites, because of Jeffrey Wright), he — or, one of him — seems to be looking for clues in Westworld proper,

as well as — in (*cough*) Futureworld — letting Stubbs know that “The Plan is Starting.”

I do believe this is the same plan Dolores is telling Caleb about, though as she explains that if that doesn’t work out, Plan B will go into effect.

Oh, Dolores, you goose! Everyone is already dead. You’re just repeating humanity’s mistake because… well, you really have no choice (free will).

There is, however, a very mysterious moment in this tease that has me perplexed.

What is that glowing item, and who (looks like an older man’s hand, a doctor?) are the two people in this shot?

I wonder if it has something to do with Incite and its creepy bossman, Leon Dempsey Sr.

Among other unknowns, who ends up drowned in a pool?

There’s another water scene with a couple of unidentifiable figures. I think that could be Stubbs on top; perhaps one of the new characters (played by John Gallagher Jr., Iddo Goldberg?) is the bloody fellow?

What is this place (reminds of the myriad escalators in Park 1), another reason to be suspicious of the “real world”?

And, who is giving Dolores a shot (of cortical fluid?)?

Why can’t it be March 15th, already?

I’ll be back before the Westworld Season 3 premiere with a How-Do-We-Connect-Season-3-to-Futureworld? piece.

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