6 April 2016

A couple of weeks or so ago I said something about how when one door closes, sometimes another opens, and other times you have to push another door open yourself. This is me opening my own door, and inviting all y’all in.

Following a certain little bird’s whisper in my ear and a few encouraging echoes, I’m happy, proud and a bit terrified to announce oohlo.com

The site is still what I’d call the beta version, meaning it’ll ease into full content, and may morph over the next month or few as we find our internet legs, so to speak. I’ve so appreciated all the support both public and private, and my hope is that you’ll add oohlo to your reading list. I welcome any and all feedback, suggestions and and if you encounter any technical issues, please let me know. The mobile site is up and running, and I have an excellent technical advisor (and best friend).

We have a Facebook page, and we’re on Twitter, and it’d be lovely if you’d like and follow us.

Thank you!